Change Manifesto Podcast

With Molly Angel, Angel Change Management

Written & Edited by Thea Chard

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Join host and Change Enthusiast, Molly Angel, as she walks listeners through the process of enacting positive change in their organizations, teams or even their personal lives.

Season 2 includes the “Stories of Women Entrepreneurs and Change” series, which features one-on-one interviews with different female entrepreneurs and cross-industry leading ladies about their stories of success, failure, change, and how to manage it all (aka change management). 

Season 1: April – December 2020

Season 2: July – September 2021

Stories of Women Entrepreneurs and Change Series

Season 2 Episode 1: Tracey Warren

Interview with founder and CEO of InSpark Coworking.

Season 2 Episode 2: Courtney Loechl

Interview with the “Make Shit Happen Coach.”

Season 2 Episode 3: Peggy Haslach

Interview with the “Progressively Pink Financial Advisor” at Finity Group.

Season 2 Episode 4: Amanda Bedell

Interview with the “Business Chaos Sorter” at BCC Business Consulting.

Season 2 Episode 5: Emily Carrion

Interview with the VP of Marketing at Esper.

About Molly

Molly Angels is a change management expert with extensive experience in operations and change management specializing in implementation of healthcare, technology and for other complex environments.

While working within clinical and financial operations in large integrated health systems, Molly has had responsibility for all aspects of project and change management.  She has worked with vendors, executives, and system wide and local teams to ensure on time and on budget execution of complex technological and operational program implementation.

Molly holds an MBA from Xavier University and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Miami University.

For more information or to connect with Molly, visit