The Cloak

An inspirational account of personal transformation

By Virginia Routh Lynch

The Cloak is a gripping tale of inner and outer transformation of a seemingly happily married mother of four who over ten tumultuous years faces extraordinary experiences that change her life.

With compelling honesty, Virginia Routh Lynch describes those years. Using journals written forty years ago, she recounts her life-changing journey of self-discovery. Virginia followed in the footsteps of C.G. Jung and, though she introduces many of his concepts, this does not detract from the story itself. Her account is inspiring and thought provoking and will appeal to anyone on the journey of life, even those not interested in psychology. It is a book that once you start reading, you want to read from beginning to end.

The Cloak is a portrayal of one woman’s experience that serves as a guidebook for anyone who has reached a stalemate in their lives or has embarked on a personal journey and is looking for an inspiring example.

Published October 11, 2022 (Hardcover, Paperback, Ebook & Audiobook)


“The Cloak is a very honest and readable memoir. There are the challenges, struggles and joys of successive relationships, their beginnings and endings, and a constant quest for meaning in and through those relationships. The accounts from ‘lived experience’ as an analysand in Jungian analysis, and as a psychotherapist, were a revelation to me. I have never quite understood before what ‘individuation’ means—now I know.”

Michael Wright, Emeritus Professor, Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience, Brunel University, Uxbridge 

“An honest and fascinating account of the author’s struggle to get free of the power games in relation to her mother, her marriage, her lover and the psychoanalytic organisation that should have been able to help her find herself.”

Professor Michael Jacobs, PhD, author of The Presenting Past

About Virginia Routh Lynch

Virginia Routh Lynch is an analytical psychologist and psychotherapist. She worked for the NHS at Ashford Hospital, Middlesex and in private practice in Chiswick. Virginia is a Londoner but has also lived in Sussex near Rye and in Kent in Sutton Valence. Since moving to Studland in late 2020, one of the most beautiful places in England, she has become involved in village life. In May 2022, she became chairman of the Purbeck University of the Third Age. She goes frequently to concerts of the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. Their brilliant performances have inspired her to donate the royalties of The Cloak to the orchestra.

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