Around Seattle in 80 Dates (the show!)

Created by Renata Lubinsky & Thea Chard

Written by Thea Chard

An hour-long streaming dramedy series based on the memoir Around Seattle in 80 Dates, an Online Dating Journey by Renata Lubinsky (2018).


Renata, an Israeli tech professional that just relocated to Seattle and the house of her dreams finds herself single after 32 years and two kids. Undeterred by heartbreak or her long hiatus from the dating scene, she embarks on a self-proclaimed romantic walkabout. Throwing herself headfirst into online dating with zero know-how, Renata embarks on a marathon of 80 dates around Seattle, discovering more about herself, and new talents, in a variety of experiences—from the dangerous to the sad, the hilarious, and the intimate. By the end of her awakening, Renata adopts a new attitude towards life, and builds a future she would have never expected.

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About Renata

After thirty-two years in one relationship, Renata M. Lubinsky divorced her husband and started a journey that she crafted on a daily basis, by using online dating sites. Renata’s massive experience in the online dating world and her love for the unexpected provided her with mesmerizing material that will make you laugh out loud in some stories, and in others, make you cry. Renata uses her witty and sensitive voice to describe the world from the perspective of a single, almost fifty-year-old woman starting the second chapter of her life. In the past few years, Renata has taken her stories on stage and performed in different stand-up events around Seattle. She has won first place in local stand-up competitions and participated in various storytelling shows.

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About Thea

Thea is a writer, editor and the founder and CEO of All She Wrote Productions. She has more than ten years of experience in multimedia communications, indie book publishing, and digital marketing. As a former journalist and lifelong writer, Thea honed her skills in interviewing and research, narrative composition, and creative project management. 

Her lifelong passion for storytelling in all forms was the driving force that inspired her to turn her longtime side-hustle helping authors navigate the ever-changing world of self-publishing, into a full-on indie publishing house in March of 2020.

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