Your Guide to the New World of Indie Publishing

What makes All She Wrote Productions a unique and flexible option for indie authors who want a custom experience?

Who We Are

All She Wrote Productions is a full-service boutique publishing house and story accelerator on a mission to amplify the voices of women, nonbinary and underrepresented authors. As a hybrid publisher, we only take on authors we believe in who are looking for a true partner in the publishing process. In exchange for an upfront investment and a little elbow grease, we offer our authors a full publication package that rivals traditional publishing and gives them a greater voice in the decisions being made about how to get their book out and into the hands of their readers. We also offer our authors a much greater slice of the royalty pie because we believe in the world of publishing, authors come first.

Book publishing packages and a la carte services include everything from editorial, production, design, distribution, author branding consultation, and even marketing and promotions (something most publishers do not offer), as well as dedicated guidance on navigating the ever-changing book business specific to each authors we work with and each book we publish—there is no one size fits all approach here. We like to think of it as bespoke indie publishing.

Interested in adapting your story for screen or radio? We do that too! In fact, screen adaptations are our total jam. Do you see your book on the big screen? Let’s chat!

About Us

All She Wrote Productions was born out of a need—to help underrepresented authors navigate the ever-changing world of publishing. It used to be there was traditional publishing and self-publishing, but the lines between the two are far more murky these days. No matter where you look, it’s starting to seem like everyone and their mother has a book out! So how is it possible that all these people are snagging the coveted few publishing deals? 

The truth is, with all the changes the world of publishing has seen over the years, indie publishing is starting to resemble the Wild West. The only constant that remains is the inequity baked right into the dough of the traditional publishing recipe. 

While women make up 59 percent of all writers and authors in the United States, and the publishing industry itself is predominately made up of cis women (to the tune of 74 percent, as of 2019) that same representation is not reflected in the reviewing of their work. In today’s publishing landscape, women and nonbinary authors, despite making up a growing share of the marketplace, are still less likely to get reviewed by major media, or snag a hefty advance, than their male counterparts—throw diversity into the mix, and the stats are even more dismal. 

At All She Wrote, we aim to level the publication playing field for voices from all backgrounds—especially those typically excluded from the traditional publishing world—by giving a platform to authors most underrepresented in the traditional publishing ecosystem. By elevating diverse voices, we’ll create a stronger, more inclusive and ever-evolving landscape representative of the vast array of voices in our world today.

Working With Us

All She Wrote Productions is what is known today as a “hybrid publisher,” providing professional editorial, production, and publication services for authors looking for guidance on the publication process from beginning to end—from cultivating the initial spark of an idea, all the way through to book launch. 

Editorial services run the gamut from manuscript consultation and developmental editing to professional proofreading. On the production side, ASW works with a team of professional book designers, illustrators and artists to help authors nail the aesthetic of their story, translate it to the physical (and digital!) page, as well as build a corresponding author brand to bolster their projects. 

ASW authors may pick and choose the services that fit their needs. Whether submitting their manuscript for consideration for our in-house All She Wrote Productions publishing package, selecting professional editorial and design services to prepare their work for self-publishing under their own imprint, or preparing for submission a traditional press, ASW is here to help create a custom package designed to help elevate your story and set your voice apart. Whichever option you select, ASW’s publishing consultation services empower you with the knowledge and expertise you need to take your book from concept to reality. Our team brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge in bootstrapped indie publishing to the table, so our authors never have to feel like a team of one.

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